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dual citizenship

Italian-American (Dual) Citizenship

If you are of Italian descent, you may be eligible for Italian citizenship in addition to American citizenship. Determining your eligibility and tackling the application process is something Valentino Genealogy can help you with. From documentation gathering and translations to application assistance, the process can take 18 months to several years depending on a great many factors. We can help you avoid any missteps that may add to that.

Italian Genealogical Research

Language barriers. Name changes. Cultural differences. Don't know where to look. Don't know what you're looking for. Don't know where to start? Contact Valentino Genealogy for assistance.

Italian to English Translations & Transcriptions

Sometimes you might not even know what you already have. Those documents passed down from generation to generation may be understood to be important, but may not be understood how. Similarly documents you kept for sentimental reasons may hold a treasures of clues you've not yet decoded.

Italian documents, letters, journals, and even newspaper clippings can hold valuable details and lost information. Getting them properly translated and transcribed can help with your research projects, dual citizenship applications, or just to add color to your family history. Valentino Genealogy can help.