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Mark D'Ambrosi

Mark D'Ambrosi is a resident of Connecticut and 2nd generation Italian-American who began researching his own Italian heritage and family history in the mid-1970s.

His paternal Great Aunt Julia (Zi Jul) sat him down when he was 15 years old and gave him the names of her mother's parents and 6 siblings who originated from Mugnano del Cardinale, Avellino, in the mountains of Montevergine. From that point on, Mark was hooked on rediscovering his family's history. He took advantage of every opportunity sit on his Aunt Josie's kitchen counter and listen to his aunts and uncles retell the family stories and reminisce about the past.

Growing up in Waterbury, Connecticut, Mark was a member of a large extended Italian-American family, including his siblings, paternal aunts and uncles, and a myriad of first and second cousins. While Mark's paternal Italian roots come from the provinces of Avellino and Salerno, Mark's maternal roots lie in the province of Caserta. It is from here, Mark's ancestors moved to begin their American lives in Lawrence, MA, and Warren, RI, before finally settling in Boston, MA. Mark was recognized as an Italian citizen when his own dual citizenship was granted in 2018.


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