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Claiming Your Italian Citizenship & Discovering Your Heritage

Claim Your Italian Citizenship


Being Italian is a birthright, but being recognized as a citizen of Italy is something eligible Italian Americans must endeavor to claim. This can be a lengthy and complicated process that takes time and money to complete. Valentino Genealogy has the experience to help you navigate the path to dual U.S. and Italian citizenship.

We can help you:

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Discover Your Italian Roots


Many of us have a need -- almost a hunger -- to know where we came from.

Discovery is a Journey

Discovering answers to many of those questions can sometimes take a lifetime and barriers such as language, or unfamiliarity with Italian records, documentation and archives, can be overwhelming -- but Valentino Genealogy can help.

Valentino Genealogy specializes in Italian genealogical research services, both on-site and online, and strives to help clients rediscover their Italian roots. Whether you wish to undertake a search for your ancestors, determine your eligibility for an Italian citizenship, or find living family connections in both the U.S. and Italy through descendancy genealogy, Valentino Genealogy can help.

We understand how to find, translate, and leverage the details and clues found in: